Comforting Words of Encouragement

Sometimes it's hard to face another day, knowing that someone you love is not part of it. With all the information on the internet, there are many sites that offer encouragement and hope. Even just doing a search with the word "grief" will return hundreds of sites. You may find some that will be helpful one day and others that will give you comfort on a different day. There are a few that offer daily encouragement that can be sent directly to your email address. Some have message boards and forums.

Listed here are just a few that we found that offer daily thoughts, emails, or meditations. 

There are numerous spiritual or religious organizations (websites) that offer daily words, devotionals, or emails. There are so many that you're sure to find one that is compatible to your personal beliefs. Some we easily found are:

Also, many of the websites mentioned on our pages named Available Resources and Helpful Links, offer words of encouragement. 

The websites above are listed for their easy accessibility. We do not endorse them or are associated with them in any way and are not responsible for their content.