Other Meaningful Products


Besides the usual products available at your funeral home, caskets, urns, vaults, there are other items available from your funeral director to help honor the life of someone you love. Some of these are jewelry items. There are pendants that will hold a small portion of ashes if cremation was chosen, some will hold a lock of hair. (pic 1) These are usually available in sterling silver or gold. There are also pendants made from handblown glass that actually incorporate the ashes or hair into the glass. (pic 2) These are also available in paperweights and other glass objects.   

There are also pendants made from gold or sterling silver that have an imprint of the person's fingerprint. (pic 3) These may also be used for making a charm for a bracelet or keyring. This can also be used for a handprint or footprint of a premature baby. Some charms have even been made with a pet's nose print on it!      

If you're interested in the fingerprint jewelry but the person is already buried or cremated, it may be possible to make the item if you have something that may have the person's fingerprint on it. Your funeral director will have more information about how this can be done.

Even a piece of hair or other memento can be placed in a locket.

There are many other special items available that your funeral director can tell you more about.